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Diamond Pet Foods or visit their website-
      Small Breed Puppy
      Small Breed Adult Chicken & Rice
      Large Breed Puppy Lamb & Rice
      Large Breed Adult Chicken & Rice
      Chicken & Rice 
      Lamb Meal & Rice
      Beef & Rice Adult
      Senior 8+
Diamond Pet Foods
      Maintenance Dog
      Premium Adult
      Hi Energy

Diamond Cat Foods
      Naturals Indoor Cat
 Biscuits and Dog Treats
      Variety Puppy
      Diamond Medium Variety Lamb
      Grain Free Multi-Colored Biscuits
      Nutri-Source GF Chicken Biscuits
      Nutri-Source Soft & Tender Treats
Tuffys Pet Foods
      Dinnertime Cat Food

      Dog Chow
      Puppy Chow
      Pro-Plan Dog Foods
      Red-Flannel Select
      Cat Chow
      Kitten Chow

Miscellaneous Pet Supplies
      Dog & Cat Collars
      Dog Leads
      Dog Bowls
      Dog & Cat Wormers 
      Dog & Cat Shampoos
      Pig Ears
      Dog Treats & Many other supplies

Cedar Woodshavings
      Pine Woodshavings    

Heated Dog Bowls
Taste of the Wild Pet Foods   or visit their web site 

TOW High Prairie Puppy w/ Bison & Venison
TOW Sierra Mountain Canine w/ Roasted Lamb
TOW High Prairie Canine w/ Smoke Salmon


Nutri-Source Dog Foods

Grain Feed Heartland Select
Grain Free Large Breed Chicken
Grain Free Large Breed Lamb
Large Breed - Adult & Puppy







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